IDTA Latin Grade 1

IDTA Grade 1

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  • 1. Entry

    Each candidate will greet the examiner and hand the examination report to him/her.

  • 2. Preparation for Dance (with music in character, appropriate for the genre) / Music

    Forward and backward arm swings with Plies,arms in parallel position________2 Bars

    Forward to backward arm circles alternating arms, with Plies__________________2 Bars

    RF to side, 2 Hip Bumps to R, 2 Hip Bumps to L, move hips RLRL______________2 Bars

    Repeat Hip Bumps______________________________________________________________2 Bars

    Pointing the toe during the first three movements, each movement takes 2 counts of music:

    Extend RF forward – Extend RF back – Extend RF to R side — Close RF to LF___2 Bars

    Repeat using LF__________________________________________________________________2 Bars

    Extend RF back – Extend RF forward – Extend RF to R side – Close RF to LF_____2 Bars

    Repeat using LF___________________________________________________________________2 Bars

    To be performed twice.

  • 4. Knowledge and Understanding / Music 1 / Music 2

    Clap to music the Jive Rhythm QQ QaQ QaQ QQ QaQ QaQ

    Demonstrate with music the basic hip action used in the Rumba showing the transfer of weight from one foot to the other.


    1.RF to side__________ 41

    2.LF closed to RF____ 2

    3.Transfer wt to RF___ 3

    4.LF to side__________ 41

    5.RF closed to LF____ 2

    6.Transfer wt to LF___ 3

    7.RF to side__________ 41

  • 5. Skill / Music

    Dance twice solo with music, the Jive Basic in Place.

  • 6. Exit

    Candidates will acknowledge and thank the Examiner before leaving the examination room.

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